Headaches: Help!

Published: May 31st, 2013

Headaches are the third most common complaint in a chiropractic physician's office. Many times they are complex and multi-factorial. The three most common reasons I see headache symptomatology in my office are tension and stress causing pain and tightness throughout the upper cervical spine and neck musculature.

The second most common reason is fatigue, which is usually multi-factorial and at times can be complex. Please see our previous blogs in regards to fatigue for further detail.

The third most common reason for headache symptomatology in our office is digestive tract problems including constipation and or food sensitivities.

Different treatment approaches need to be utilized for the treatment of different types of headaches, For instance a cervicogenic or tension type headache may respond favorably to chiropractic adjustment along with muscle work, therapies and/or home rehabilitation type activities. A headache that is related more to digestive problems and/or food sensitivities may need to be addressed nutritionally or with dietary changes in conjunction with cervical spine treatment rather than cervical spine treatment alone.

Therefore, people with headache symptoms who have not responded to chiropractic care in the past may think chiropractic care is ineffective when in reality they may need to have someone take a different approach to the treatment of their headaches. At Chirosport we are trained to look at the multi-factorial aspects of your headaches or migraine symptomatology.

If you are looking for a fresh look at your headaches symptoms, please contact our office.