Not Only the Spine

Published: May 29th, 2013

We treat extremity conditions such as plantar fascitis, ankle sprains, gait abnormalities, knee pain and tracking disorders, hip dysfunction and pain, shoulder joint problems and rotator cuff tears, elbow tendinitis and tendinosis, wrist injuries such as DeQuervain's Disease, hand injuries, and more. Not unlike the spine, your extremity joints can be dysfunctional due to a host of reasons. In addition, sprains/strains are very common. Advanced training in this area of treatment allows us to better identify the cause of the problem and formulate an appropriate care plan. Should diagnostic imaging and/or a referral be necessary, we work with excellent practitioners in many different fields of medicine.  If you are suffering from pain coming from somewhere other than the spine, schedule an appointment today (605-334-6656) so you can feel better tomorrow!