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Road Construction Updates


Cliff Avenue will be closed in front of our Sioux Falls clinic starting April 6th, and will be closed all summer.  Please see the map and directions below for an alternate route to our clinic while Cliff Avenue is closed. Coming From the… Read More »

Energy: Want More?


One of the biggest complaints that we get in our office is that of low energy. In affects a large numbers of Americans and is the number 2 reason for doctor office visits today. Fatigue can manifest itself both as physical fatigue, mental fatigue,… Read More »

Headaches: Help!


Headaches are the third most common complaint in a chiropractic physician's office. Many times they are complex and multi-factorial. The three most common reasons I see headache symptomatology in my office are tension and stress causing pain and… Read More »

Not Only the Spine


We treat extremity conditions such as plantar fascitis, ankle sprains, gait abnormalities, knee pain and tracking disorders, hip dysfunction and pain, shoulder joint problems and rotator cuff tears, elbow tendinitis and tendinosis, wrist injuries… Read More »

Why Choose Metagenics?


Metagenics is the only nutritional company selling to health care professionals that strictly adheres to the 5 most identifiable standards for quality. GMP – certified manufacturing – the ultimate quality marker.  If it's on the label, it's in the… Read More »



There are four billion chemicals and pollutants added to our environment each year!  That is an astronomical amount of toxins!  Overtime, these toxins can and will build up in our bodies and affect our vitality and cause other health issues like… Read More »