Energy: Want More?

Published: May 31st, 2013

One of the biggest complaints that we get in our office is that of low energy. In affects a large numbers of Americans and is the number 2 reason for doctor office visits today. Fatigue can manifest itself both as physical fatigue, mental fatigue, insomnia, physical aches and pains, headache symptomatology, short temperedness, and/or depression and anxiety symptomatology. There are many reasons for fatigue, which is why it is so common in America today.

One of the most common reasons for fatigue is poor macronutrient intake. The American diet has been described as the SAD diet, which is the acronym for the "Standard American Diet". Unfortunately, the acronym fits our diet by its name. The "Standard American Diet" is extremely deficient in the nutrients needed to supply the human body with its energy demands. 8% of Americans get their recommended daily allowance of vegetables and 11% get the recommended daily allowance of fruits. The recommended daily allowance is the MINIMUM needed to maintain a fairly healthy lifestyle. Therefore one in ten people are getting the minimum amount of nutrients they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, let alone the maximum amounts.

The biggest reason I see for fatigue that enters my office is a poor diet and exercise program. We tell our patients that you earn your energy. A diet that is high in fruits and vegetables, high in lean protein and low in processed foods, carbohydrates, pop and processed sugars is one that can significantly aid people in their energy. A dedicated cardiovascular program including activity at five times a week can significantly boost people's energy, improve their sleep, increase their mental performance and decrease headache symptomatology and aches and pains.

Going forward, one of the best and most cost effective ways to improve your energy is by getting moving and start eating better.