Jenna Duarte, LMT

Jenna Chirosport
Licensed Massage Therapist
After working in corporate advertising for nearly 12 years, Jenna decided to refocus her career and follow her dream. Helping others and living an active, healthy life have always been a driving force for Jenna. Because of this, she pursued a massage therapy degree with the hopes of  helping people and creating awareness of the benefits of massage therapy.

As a certified, licensed massage therapist she strives to bring wellness to her clients. In 2011, she graduated from Saint Paul College with a certification in massage therapy. She also took some additional training while living in Colorado for a few years from 2011-2015.
She and her husband, Ueberson (pron. web-er-son), live with their dog, Bella, on a small acreage outside of Sioux Falls. Jenna grew up in the area and recently moved back with her husband who is originally from Brazil.